Alex Sammarini

Vocals, Guitars

Alex is a composer, a writer and an instrumentalist.

From 1990 to 1998 he has lead the pop band “Brett & the Bitters”, with whom he has performed across Italy.

In 2000, he released his first solo single, “Quello che non sono”.
The video for this release has been broadcast on all major music TV channels. In 2001, “Laura” was released, and has been broadcast by radio stations, entering the Top 10 in most cases. In 1995 he released a dance maxi-single for Dig-it, under the name of Dr Straker. He was the vocalist and the guitar player for Gianni Morandi during his 1996 tour, the tours of 2000/2001 (playing for more than 180 shows), and in his last  TV show ”Non facciamoci prendere dal panico”.

In 1997/98 he's been guitarist and vocalist for Syria. Alex has been the piano player and singer with Pepperland, the most accredited Beatles tribute band in Italy, since 1994. M.R. Piparo asked Alex to play Bee Gee' Robin Gibb in the popular musical “Saturday Night Fever” (2002-03). He played the part of Erik, the phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera” (Angel of music Productions). Alex is also been guitarist and vocalist for Marco Masini and Umberto Tozzi during the 2007 tour.

He has collaborated with several artists of the italian scene and  is also a composer for emergent singers. He write and produce music for commercial spots and Tv production ( Rai – La7 ) and he has sung in many movie-soundtracks
His first solo album 3.14  was  realeased in 2005.

Actually is working at the new album.


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